Audio-Technica Issue Further Warning on Fake Copies

Audio-Technica, the world-renowned manufacturer of premium quality headphones and professional audio equipment, are re-iterating their warning against the purchase of copies and grey-imports as a way of protecting UK consumers.

In mid-2011 Audio-Technica joined forces with other members of the UK headphone industry to launch a campaign against fakes and grey imports. Now, in 2012, the issue has not gone away so Audio-Technica are repeating their plea for proper vigilance when purchasing a pair of headphones.

Making the Right Choice

Audio-Technica’s hi-fi and portable headphones are highly regarded for their superior quality and impressive sound performance, and as a result they are frequently subject to copy by inferior manufacturers or trans-shipped from legitimate sources outside of the UK. When such items are sold they are usually recognised by a price that is dramatically below the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and that of other retailers around the UK.

If you were to purchase a pair of copies or imports due to the attraction of a low retail price, it is our regret that should anything go wrong, there will be no entitlement to a UK warranty. We therefore always recommend that customers only ever purchase from authorised UK-based resellers - you can find our full list of stores by using our 'Where to Buy' tool.

The What Hi-Fi? Forum still also hosts a useful article on how to avoid buying fake headphones, which is well worth a read.

Read the feature here

Example of Copies

Harvey Roberts, Senior Marketing Manager (UK) for Audio-Technica, says of the situation surrounding copies:

"Consumers who unwittingly fall victim to buying a fake Audio-Technica headphone will more than likely end up with a poor impression of the build and sound quality which is at polar opposites to the heritage of the Audio-Technica brand. Our advice is basically, if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!"

Fakes for Audio-Technica’s most popular models tend to be manufactured at inferior manufacturing plants, typically based in China, and may well look the part but fall short in functionality and sound performance. Below is a side by side comparison of the M50 headphones, to see how a similar looking product can actually be very different when put next to the original. The copy below clearly has less integrity and more exposed hinges - tell-tale signs of an inferior product.
Audio-Technica M50 Fake Copies

If you feel at any time that you may be about to buy a pair of illegitimate headphones, or have any further questions, please get in touch.


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