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Here at Henley, we are proud to offer some of the world’s most highly-rated and respected Hi-Fi equipment to our domestic market. Now many other manufacturers and distributors claim their equipment is great, but often there is little foundation to do so. We set-up this area of our site to prove to you, the buying public, that what we sell comes recommended not just by us – but also by the world’s media. Below are a list of all of our current range of products which have received reviews or awards over their life-span. Click on each one to see a brief summary of the review and, where applicable, we’ve added a few choice comments to give you an idea of what was said by the critic who wrote the piece.

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

10" precision tonearm with carbon-fibre armtube/headshell, as found on Pro-Ject's top-end turntables.

10CC Evolution Tonearm

Latest Review: June 2010

The latest incarnation of the 2 Xperience turntable with built-in speed control and much more...

2Xperience SB

Latest Review: May 2015

High quality acrylic turntable with speed control.

6 PerspeX SB

Latest Review: August 2016

Carbon fibre record brush. A great vinyl-lovers accessory.


Latest Review: December 2014

Pro-Ject's stylish new record clamp available to fit on any deck.


Latest Review: February 2015

A specially designed cork mat, suited to different deck/cartridge combinations and different environments.


Latest Review: March 2016

Now with an improved motor, suspension and power supply, the Debut Carbon is now better than ever!

Debut Carbon DC

Award Winnner
Latest Review: October 2014

The multi-award winning Debut Carbon turntable with a brand new built-in speed control mechanism and upgraded platter.

Debut Carbon Esprit SB

Latest Review: August 2016

Special Edition version of the cult Debut III turntable. Includes all-round improvements and a stylish gloss finish.

Debut S/E3

Latest Review: September 2011

A unique and affordable "plug and play" turntable. Ideal for anyone wanting a no fuss vinyl experience.


Latest Review: March 2015

Pro-Ject's true plug 'n' play designed turntable with built in phono stage and USB connectivity.

Elemental Phono USB

Latest Review: September 2015

Vinyl enters the digital realm with the Essential II Digital.

Essential II Digital

Award Winnner
Latest Review: January 2016

An ideal support and isolation platform for your turntable or CD player. Available in two different sizes.

Ground-IT Deluxe

Latest Review: November 2011

Premium leather turntable mat


Latest Review: March 2013

Compact digital stylus gauge to help deliver optimal turntable performance.

Measure-IT 2

Latest Review: August 2015

A truly cult object. Pro-Ject's Phono Box model is now in its third inception.

Phono Box

Latest Review: September 2008

Pro-Jects newest top of the line Phono Stage with new screen display for easy use and incredible performance.

Phono Box DS+

Latest Review: September 2013

Pro-Ject's flagship phono stage. The first model in the new Box Design 'Reference Series' is a stunning piece of engineering.

Phono Box RS

Award Winnner
Latest Review: January 2015

The new standard in budget audiophile phono stages. Excellent features at an attractive price.

Phono Box S

Latest Review: June 2013

Plug-and-play hi-fi turntable.


Latest Review: December 2016

Plug-and-Play phono USB turntable.

Primary Phono USB

Latest Review: October 2016

The latest evolution of the world renowned RPM range from Pro-Ject.

RPM 1 Carbon

Latest Review: August 2015

The new flagship RPM model delivers the pinnacle of style and substance.

RPM 10 Carbon

Latest Review: January 2016

EISA Award winner! The classic Genie 3 design reaches new heights of performance and style.

RPM 3 Carbon

Award Winnner
Latest Review: July 2016

Stunning looks merged with audiophile quality makes the RPM 5 Carbon a must hear.

RPM 5 Carbon

Latest Review: March 2016

Minimalist in design, plentiful in character.

RPM 9 Carbon

Latest Review: June 2016

Upgrade package for most low-midrange Pro-Ject turntables.

S/E Upgrade Kit

Latest Review: July 2011

Meticulously designed retro-style turntable with modern technology.

The Classic

Latest Review: April 2017

Pro-Ject's top-of-the-line valve phono stage, now with the company's unique variable impedance adjustment.

Tube Box DS

Latest Review: February 2015

Bringing valves into the world of phono pre-amplification, adding warmth and detail to top-quality electronics.

Tube Box S

Latest Review: February 2016

Cost effective and impressive solution to keeping your vinyl collection pristine.


Award Winnner
Latest Review: November 2016

Vertical turntable concept.


Latest Review: September 2016

Vertical turntable with bluetooth


Latest Review: April 2017

Exclusive to the UK, the Xpression Carbon features a new acrylic platter.

Xpression Carbon UKX

Latest Review: January 2015

The little brother to the mighty Xtension guarantees superlative vinyl performance in a more compact size!

Xtension 10

Latest Review: March 2014

The audiophile philosophy of the Xtenion 10, now in a more compact turntable!

Xtension 9 Super Pack

Award Winnner
Latest Review: January 2015

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