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Ortofon: 'Accuracy in Sound'

Ortofon MC AnnaOrtofon is the world’s oldest and most experienced manufacturer of hi-fi pick-up cartridges. From humble beginnings in 1918, Ortofon is now a prolific winner of various international awards, and consistently well reviewed by the international press with every new product. Their core principles of responsibly sourced high-end materials, meticulous design and production processes, pristine working conditions and superlative attention to detail are evident in every single product they make.

From the introductory moving magnet OM and 2M models, through the Vivo, Rondo and Cadenza Moving Coil series, all the way up to the high-end MC Windfeld, Xpression and brand new MC Anna cartridges, Ortofon are devoted to offering true ‘accuracy in sound’. They also commit to supporting long-time customers by continuing to run replacement styli many years after an original cartridge has been discontinued, and for Moving Coil customers they also run an attractive exchange program.

A continuous investment in Research and Development see’s Ortofon constantly developing new models and technologies, so watch this space for the next release from Denmark’s most famous export.

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