Henley Designs Ltd.

Quality Hi-Fi Distribution

Everyone has a different interpretation of what good sound is, and at Henley Designs we’re no different. We strive to bring customers the best possible selection of hi-fi equipment from a variety of international manufacturers.

Whether you prefer listening to a turntable, CD Player or Network Music Server; we’ve got everything you could possibly need to make your stereo system sound great. We also carry micro hi-fi systems, amplifiers, cables and speakers on top of a host of accessories – doing everything possible to make your home audio system sound as good as it can.

All of our products are consistently reviewed well by the UKs finest magazines, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, knowledgeable service personnel and on offering an enjoyable experience to all of our customers. We hope you enjoy navigating our website; but if at any time you feel you have a question, please get in touch.

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