Unison Research Introduce Unico 90 Amplifier

In 2015, Italian valve specialists Unison Research renovated their Unico range of hybrid hi-fi electronics with the introduction of a new flagship. The Unico 150 integrated amplifier was born out of an extensive R&D process and utilised optimal electrical characteristics to achieve a true high-end sound performance. Now, the lessons learned in the development of the Unico 150 have resulted in the introduction of an alternative high-end offering.

The Unico 90 is a near-perfect integrated amplifier, employing as few active amplification stages as possible to produce a clean musical signal that is true to the original source material. Where the more powerful flagship, Unico 150 had three active stages, the Unico 90 boasts lower power specifications but only uses a two-stage circuit with zero global feedback.

The Unico 90 is an integrated amplifier designed to accommodate a variety of sources via its three RCA and two XLR pair inputs. It’s also designed to work in almost any application, with its fixed and variable RCA outputs as well as the bi-wirable speaker terminals. The large casework is built to the same exacting standards as previous Unico designs, but the Unico 90 borrows the same three-plate front fascia introduced with the Unico 150, which adds an aesthetic enhancement over its predecessors. Operation is simple and effortless via the large front-panel controls or the supplied RC2 system remote; but the minimalist exterior belies the high-end technology hidden within.

Internally the Unico 90 employs lots of clever technology, including only two active stages, sophisticated valve configurations, premium components and dual-mono circuitry. The extensive R&D that went into designing the Unico 90 has resulted in a product with unrivalled cosmetic, scientific and musical appeal.

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