Pro-Ject Power Supplies

Many Pro-Ject turntables and phono electronics use 'wall-wart' power supplies to power up. This helps keep the box series items small, and removes unnecessary heat and resonant forces from turntables and electronics. Below you will find information on which power supply is supplied with each device.

For a complete list of Box Design power supplies, please click here.

Product Options:

DC Power Supplies:
Some new Pro-Ject turntables and all electronics are now supplied with Direct Current power supplies.

15V / 1A DC Power Supply
  • Elemental
  • Elemental Phono USB
  • Essential II
  • Essential II Phono USB
  • Essential II Digital
  • Essential III
  • Essential III A
  • George Harrison
  • Primary
  • Primary Phono USB
  • VT-E
  • VT-E BT
  • RPM 1 Carbon
  • RPM 3 Carbon
  • RPM 5 Carbon
  • RPM 9 Carbon
  • RPM 10 Carbon
  • Debut Carbon DC
  • Debut Carbon DC Phono USB
  • Debut Carbon Esprit SB
  • 1 Xpression Carbon
  • The Classic
  • Xperience Acryl
  • Xperience SB DC
  • 6Perspex SB
  • Xtension 9 Superpack
  • Xtension 10 (all models sold after December 2012)
ND-024: 18V / 300mA DC Power Supply (Mini-XLR Connector)
  • Phono Box RS
ND-025: 18V / 500mA DC Power Supply
  • Phono Box
  • Phono Box MM (After S/N E4360)
    For earlier versions of the Phono Box MM power supply, click here.
  • Phono Box USB V
  • Phono Box S
ND-026: 18V / 1A DC Power Supply
  • Phono Box DS
  • Phono Box DS+
  • Tube Box S
  • Tube Box DS
Old AC Power Supplies:All Pro-Ject turntables up to 2012 were supplied with Alternating Current power supplies (except those with captive mains leads). Some models have carried through into 2013.

16V / 500mA AC Power Supply
  • All Pro-Ject Turntables with external power supply up to 2012
    (except Genie MK 1, Debut Carbon Esprit SB & Xtension)
  • Speed Box II
  • The Phono Box (original)
  • Phono Box II
  • Phono Box USB
16V / 1A AC Power Supply
  • Xtension 10 (all models sold up to December 2012)
  • Phono Box SE II
  • Tube Box II
  • Tube Box SE II
  • Speed Box SE II
12V / 200mA AC Power Supply (Switch In Lead)
  • Genie MK I Only


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