Replacement Tonearms

Below is a list of replacement tonearms, their model numbers, and the Pro-Ject turntables they are supplied on.

Though some turntables may use the same tonearm, it is important you select the right listing for your specific turntable, because you may find the mounting differs depending on the turntable. The model number (next to each listing) allows you to ensure you select the right arm for your turntable.

If you have a turntable not listed below, or would like to discuss your options in tonearm upgrades, please contact us

Please Note:
any arms are ordered on a special order basis. We will respond after your purchase with an ETA.

Product Options:

Elemental Tonearm (1944 191 420)
8.6” ultra low mass tonearm with straight arm tube.
  • Elemental
  • Elemental Phono USB
Debut II Tonearm (1944 191 030)
Aluminium tonearm designed for use on the Debut II.
  • Debut II
  • Debut II Phono SB
Genie S Tonearm (1944 191 320)
Pro-Ject's affordable S-Shape arm, used only the Genie 3.
  • RPM 1.3 Genie 
Essential II Tonearm (1944 191 350)
  • Essential II
  • Essential II Phono USB
8.6 Tonearm (1944 191 160)
An advanced metal tonearm designed for the Debut III and its variants.
  • Debut III/Esprit/Phono SB/ Phono USB
  • Debut S/E III
  • Jukebox
8.6U UniPivot Tonearm (1944 191 370)
A unipivot tonearm design unique to the Essential turntable.
  • Essential
  • Essential Phono USB
9U UniPivot Tonearm (1944 191 390)
An elongated, and bulkier version of the 8.6U tonearm, only found on the Xperience Basic+.
  • Xperience Basic+
8.6C (UK) Tonearm (1944 191 190)
A one-piece carbon fibre tonearm designed for the Xpression.
  • Xpression III
  • Xpression Classic
8.6CC Tonearm (1944 191 410)
A one-piece carbon fibre tonearm designed for the Debut Carbon.
  • Debut Carbon
  • Debut Carbon Esprit SB
  • PS01-Wave
8.6CC Evolution Tonearm (1944 191 430)
  • Xpression Carbon/UKX
RPM 1 Carbon Tonearm (1944 191 490)
A one-piece carbon fibre tonearm designed for the RPM 1 Carbon.
  • RPM 1 Carbon
RPM 3 Carbon Tonearm (1944 191 510)
A one-piece carbon fibre tonearm designed for the RPM 3 Carbon.
  • RPM 3 Carbon
9CC Tonearm - Click here
A one-piece 9" carbon fibre tonearm.
  • RPM 5.1
  • Xperience Classic (Acrylic)
9CC Evolution Tonearm - Click here
High end one-piece 9" carbon fibre tonearm.
  • Xperience 2 Pack
  • Xperience V-Pack
  • Xperience Super Pack
  • RPM 5 Carbon
  • RPM 9.2
  • RPM 9 Carbon
  • 6perspex
  • Xtension 9
10CC Evolution Tonearm - Click here
High end one-piece 10" carbon fibre tonearm.
  • RPM 10 Carbon
Signature Tonearms - Click here
High end audiophile tonearm designed for the Signature range.
  • Signature 10
  • Signature
Please Note:Picture shown is only an example and may not resemble your purchase.


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