Pro-Ject Record Clamp

This record clamp uses a screw-thread on the spindle of a compliant turntable to fasten itself, and solidly hold the playing vinyl in place. The use of a clamp allows for a great reduction in any resonance or 'slip' associated with an ill-fitting record. Clamps are often preferred to pucks, as they use less weight to achieve the same goal.

Compatibility List:

This item is manufactured by Pro-ject to work with the following turntables:
  • RPM4
  • RPM5
  • 6 Perspex
  • Xperience


If you do not have one of the above turntables, Pro-Ject now make a universal record clamp that works in the same way, but without the need to thread onto a spindle. Find out more about the Pro-Ject Clamp-IT here.


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