DC Power Supply Upgrade

The development of Pro-Ject's RS Series of Box Design electronics has sparked the creation of a series of power supply upgrades for the various sources, amplifiers and accessories within the range. As part of this development, Pro-Ject have also kept one eye on their coveted range of turntables by creating a high-quality link cable that allows for the Power Box RS UNI 1-Way or Power Box RS UNI 4-Way to be connected to one of their high-end DC-powered turntables.

The Power Box RS TT-Lead is a high-quality shielded cable that includes a linear voltage regulator, for stepping down the clean 20V output from the power supply to 15V, so a Pro-Ject turntable can accept the input. The regulator not only steps down the voltage, but it also decreases internal impedance's within the cable to keep the power signal consistent.

There are many advantages to be gained from upgrading the power supply that was supplied with your turntable, including improved motor performance and efficiency. So by providing this, owners of high-end Pro-Ject turntables can now elevate their listening experience even further.

The Power Box RS TT-Lead comes in two types, one for Pro-Ject's mid-range of turntables (listed below) and one for their exclusive range of turntables (Power Box RS TT-Lead High Power version).

Key Features:

  • Power Box RS UNI and Power Box RS TT-Lead combine to make power supply upgrade
  • Compatible with UNI 4-Way so you can still connect other RS electronics
  • Linear power supply upgrade for high-end turntables
  • Voltage regulator steps down voltage and reduces internal impedance
  • Improve turntable performance

Standard TT Lead Version:

  • RPM 5 Carbon
  • The Classic
  • 2 Xperience SB
  • 2Xperience Acrylic
  • 6 Perspex SB
  • RPM 9 Carbon
  • RPM 10 Carbon
  • Xtension 9 Super Pack

High Powered TT-Lead Version:

  • Xtension 10 (DC models, sold after December 2012 only)
  • Xtension 12 (DC models only)
  • Signature 10
  • Signature 12

More Info:

Find out more about the Power Box RS UNI 1-Way
Find out more about the Power Box RS UNI 4-Way
Find out more about the Power Box RS TT-Lead

Please Note: This upgrade is only compatible with Pro-Ject turntables that are supplied with 15V DC power supplies.
Please Note: The price quoted includes the Power Box RS TT-Lead.


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