Tonearm Lift (Complete)

The tonearm lift mechanism used on all Pro-Ject turntables allows for more delicate and accurate record cueing - taking away the pressure of hand-cueing which can potentially risk stylus or record damage. On some Pro-Ject turntables the entire lift-lower mechanism is detachable from the arm, in other cases (particularly with lower-end models) the arm structure has the lift-lower mechanism built in.

This listing is for the complete, removable lift-lower mechanism on a selection of Pro-Ject turntables.

Basic+ Tonearm Lift Complete (Part Code: 1940 675 232)
  • Xperience Basic+
Xpression Tonearm Lift Complete (Part Code: 1940 675 066)
  • Xpression III
  • Xpression III Classic
  • RPM 1.3 Genie
8.6"CC Evolution Lift Complete (Part code: 1940 675 293)
  • Xpression Carbon/UKX
Mid-Range Tonearm Lift Complete (Part Code: 1940 675 214)
  • Xperience Classic
  • Xperience 2 Pack
  • RPM 9.1 X
  • RPM 5.1
  • 6 PerspeX
  • 6 PerspeX SB
  • 2 Xperience SB DC
  • Xtension 9
Evolution Tonearm Lift Complete (Part Code: 1940 675 154)
  • Xperience V-Pack
  • Xperience Super Pack (Evolution Arm, Rondo Red)
  • RPM 9.1 X Evolution
  • RPM 9.2 Evolution
  • RPM 10.1 Evolution
  • RPM 9 Carbon
Xtension 10 Tonearm Lift Complete (Part Code: 1940 675 125)
  • Xtension 10
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