Anti-Skate Adjustment Scale

The Pro-Ject Anti-Skate Adjustment Scale is a small metal rod which is screwed into the back of most Pro-Ject tonearms. It is where the anti-skate weight's hoop is supposed to be threaded. There are three indentations on the rod, which relate to the three anti-skate settings available on Pro-Ject turntables. Which indentation you use is dependent on the cartridge installed.

Standard (Part Code: 1940 675 008):
  • Essential II
  • Essential II Phono USB
  • Debut Carbon/Debut Carbon DC
  • Debut Carbon Esprit SB
  • Debut III
  • Debut III Esprit
  • Debut III Phono SB
  • Debut III Phono USB
  • RPM 5.1
  • RPM 6.1 SB
  • RPM 9.1X
  • Xpression III
  • Xpression Classic
  • Xpression III Comfort
  • Xperience Classic 
  • Xpression Carbon
Evolution 9cc & 10cc (Part Code: 1940 675 185):
  • 2 Xperience SB DC
  • 6 Perspex / 6 Perspex DC
  • RPM 9 Carbon
  • RPM 10 Carbon
  • Xtension 9
  • Xtension 10
Evolution 12cc (Part Code: 1940 675 186):
  • Xtension


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